Caravan & Hermes Part II

Friday, June 07, 2013

Sorry for the belated post since the last one, but have been such a busy bee with work and portfolio presentations prep for my final tutorial of the year which was today!
So as of today its Goodbye Year one graphics and for the next two months... hello SUMMER!

I am soo excited for this summer as amazing memories are going to be made ... i just know it!
More of that in another post.

So a few weeks ago after lunch at Caravan Kx, Me and Nicole went to the Hermes Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery.

It was .... A-MAZING. Not only do they showcase their products, they set up workshop stations with specialist crafters actually working on client orders right there in front of you! It was such a fun experience to see behind the scenes of Hermes, and you truly start to understand why they are a luxury brand and why they are priced at what they are. Their attention to quality control is incredible, with every SINGLE detail to attention to be precise and made to the highest quality.

It was just incredible to see all the craftsman working away from start to finish.
Enough of my words, ready for my Hermes photo bomb?



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