ABANDONED - Photography exhibition JCCAC

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Yesterday I decided to explore the art scene in Hong Kong, with some local exhibition that looked interesting on http://www.hongkonghustle.com/art-design. 

Lucky for me the art centre was only a short 15 minute walk from where I am staying and was really easy to find. 

I didn't know what to expect as I haven't really visited many galleries since my stay in Hk but I was excite to see something fresh. 

Walking into the building there was a sense of emptiness due to the lack of people present which was a shame. The art centre was spacious with few installations around the lobby which was interesting but was disappointed with the lack of people present or information about the centre. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. 

I went straight to see the Abandoned exhibition which again was easy to find. 
The photography exhibition consisted of 7 artists work all with the theme of capturing Hong Kongs abandoned places around the city.

The photographs in the exhibition were all very beautifully taken full of captured emotions. But also shows the reality of the lonely abandoned places Hong Kong. 
I really enjoyed the exhibition but wished there were more people to appreciate it.

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