Being Busy Bee again...

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

With uni just started I have been super busy trying to balance uni work with part time work and freelance work and personal work...AHHHH!!! work overload anyone?

I love being busy but I wished I wasn't so busy so that I can enjoy life a little bit more. Maybe I've been so used to my time in Hong Kong which was spontaneous. I have deadlines to meet and pressures is on. So I'm gonna be M.I.A the next few weeks. 

BUT! I am excited to share with you all the projects I am currently doing... with one being top secret but can't wait to share! 

Among my busy schedule I can still manage to bag some bargains! 

 I stumbled on these two gorgeous Hello Kitty plates for Liberty London. And I couldn't believe such beautiful plates were sitting on the clearance shelves in TK Maxx... Sad times. But happy for me as they were a steal! The two tier cake stand was only £5 and the plate was only £2

These days I normal don't buy things with characters on them as I have been there and done that however, I thought the patterns were so pretty and especially loved the bow detail at the top of the cake stand. Can't wait to use them!

If you have never heard of TK Maxx I definitely would recommend finding your nearest one ASAP! 
It a place full of treasures in need of a good home and the best place to go to for bargain hunters! 

Anyway... I guess I have to get back to my work. 
Until next time :)

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