Some of my graphic work

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I have realised that I havn't shared some of my graphic works on here. A little background about me, Im currently studying Graphic Design, currently year two and loving it! 
I particularly love creating interactive pieces to engage with the audience thats probably why I chose to study graphic communication. 
Here is a piece I did for one of last years Briefs. 
This particular brief was to design for an event for a community you are part of. 
I love D.I.Y so I thought why not design an event for D.I.Y enthusiast and the up-cycling community. I've always been drawn to up-cycling and wish I had time to do some! (thats why I'm obsessed with pinterest... they have alot of awesome ideas). I  wanted the invitation to represent crafters hence the spool invitation. The spools were hand made using old glue caps and two wooden circle parts for the top.
I loved this brief as I thought the outcome was appropriate for my audience but I also enjoyed making it very much. 
I've also made fabric bunting as signage for the event and a prototype website for crafters.
The Bags for the invitation was also handmade by me and the prints on fabric was all done on my home printer! Yup you've read it right... home printer. If you want to know more on how I made it just ask and I'll shall do a post in more detail about it! : ) 

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