Birthday Cakesss...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My dear friends was so lovely to surprise me with delicious cakes, macaroons and chocolates today! They know me too well :) 
Here are the pictures to make you drool! I'm only teasing. But I do wish I could of shared a slice with you so you can taste how good these cakes were! 
Thank you Nicole! x
Pear chocolate mouse tart, Red bean and green tea sponge, baked cheese cake and green tea cheesecake.
One Very Happy Bunny!
Thank you Claudia! x

Thank you Etienne! 
 I would highly recommend you check out Lanka and their store in London ( My favourite was the green tea and red bean sponge, so good the little dash of cream on top! 
Definitely worth the trip if you're near the area for some delicious Japanese desserts! I can't wait to dig into my macaroons and chocolate... but I'll take one treat at a time :) 

Thanks again girls for my sweet gifts! I'm truly blessed to have friends like you guys ;) 

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