D.I.Y. Decorations!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Following from my last post, here are some of the decorations prep I had made (secretly) for Dads 60th party. I really wanted everything to reflect the theme and made it his special night. Since I had already made the logo for the invitations, I thought why not reuse it and brand everything with it ahahaha :p. So there are personalised water bottles and coffee cups for my coffee station. I also wanted to get everything prepped before the day as I knew I would be running around trying to get everything perfect (which I was). 

Started by making hanging photo chains to hang across the room as decorations, using mini pegs and twine. 
Napkin with knife and fork for easy crab and go easy for the buffet.
 I've also added the 'Bon appetit' detail to hold them together as a set. 

Personalised coffee cup with Dads logo

Dads own water bottle!
A simple way to add a little decorations on to the coffee stirrers holder.
I just recycled my sweet corn can, cleaned it and added a brown ribbon to match the
coffee theme, and added a piece of twine to tie the colour scheme together.
 Simple but effective touch that makes a big different. 
I bought these party cannon bottle from pound land and had them at each table for
guest to pop. I thought they were such a bargain at £1 each and a great decoration
 piece for the table, fun too! 
I had also made my own party packs. Each party pack contained Nescafe coffee (as its a coffee themed party).
 A toffee (for something sweet) and a fake moustache just for fun. I personalised it with
Dads logo again and the closing tab to say Thank you for coming.
Very simple to make and affordable, a great treat for your guest to take home and remember the night by. 
I still have lots of moustaches left since i ordered to many haha.

I hope you've enjoyed this post on some of the prep work for my Dads 60th party. 
I had made some centre pieces but they were a last minute idea therefore don't have 
proper photos of them. I will hare more photos of the night on another post! :) 

I had so much fun designing and making all these part preparations, and the guest 
seemed to enjoyed them very much on the night. 
Still more to come! 

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