New little cafe.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today I was doing some first hand research with a group from class for Uni in Soho when we bumped into this new little cafe. We interviewed the man in front of the cafe with our questionnaire, but little did we know that this little cafe had just opened an hour before we came.
We had a little chat outside with him, and he saw us all drooling over he delicious cakes at the window display and invited us in.

It was actually their test run night, where who I think was the manager (the man at the door) told us we could order anything we want for free! We thought we heard him wrong so when I got my order I asked how much it was, and the lady said nothing, as it was their test run night. That was the reason for the manger to be at the door as he was only invited specific people in as he turned away a couple of people when we left. I guess its like a private view for a galley but for a cafe in this case, where you get to taste test before it officially opens.

I was so thrilled as this little was so adorable. The decor and layout of the cafe definitely captured a home sweet home ambiance which is what their whole brand is about.
Good old British home cooking where they serve a wide selection of sweet and savoury.
For what I chose was their Christmas edition cupcake, gingerbread latte cupcake and chestnut chocolate. Both were so delicious. The sponge was moist and the frosting had so much flavour in them and complimented the sponge very well.

I will definitely be back for their signature slice of red velvet!

Check out their website and see what its about or head down their tomorrow as they officially open!
Congratulations to Muriel's Kitchen Leicester Square opening!

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