Print Matters

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Currently in Uni Im in a class called Print Matters. It takes place every Wednesday morning and its just a break (for me) from the normal lectures and crits we have to attend. It a fun morning section where we explore different areas that is related to print.  A few weeks ago we had a section of print making with different materials and technique. I had forgotten how fun it is to explore and experiment with print as lately all my work ahas been produced digitally. I had so much fun just exploring and not worry about a finished outcome and just see where my experiments takes me.
Here are some of the results of my experimentations.

Direct print using oil pastel, putting a sheet of paper over and drawing the image onto the paper.
Mono print on top of a stencil print using a sponge and acylic
Experimenting with flickering paint on stencil.
Good mess = Success 
Its always good to do something outside the norm just to break free for a while. I missed the days in art class where you just make a mess. I definitely enjoyed this class and will be doing more printing over the holidays.

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