Secret Project revealed! - Invitation.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

So lately I've been hiding in my room accompanied by my computer and my cat, working on a top secret project. What is it?... I have been secretly planning my Dads 60th Birthday Celebration. Of course 60 is a big birthday so I wanted to do something extra special than just a family dinner out somewhere. I wanted it to feel personal, warm and loved to celebrate his Birthday!

The celebration took place at our church hall last Sunday (3rd Nov) and it couldn't have gone better! The atmosphere was great with many guests, all close family and friends. Now that its all over I can share with you all some of the things I have made in preparation for the big day!

My Dad is a coffee addict so it would only of made sense to make his party Coffee themed. I started of designing the invitation card with sketching ideas and looking through Pinterest for ideas. 

I knew I wanted to design in all myself with a more personal approach to it.
The idea of the logo was from the logos of coffee houses you see on their coffee cups.
I wanted to create the same vibe but personalised it for my Dad's logo with the 'Sixty' on the cup and 'Since 1953' his birth year, which I thought was a nice touch. He was so surprised that he now has his own logo haha. 

I had tried different papers included textured paper wanting to give the coffee bean some textured effect, but i felt the colours didn't turn out as vibrant as I wanted. Therefore I ordered photo card paper where it is photo paper on one side and matte on the other for my invitations. They worked superb and was exactly what I was looking for.

So here they are the final out come of the invitations, all done at home!

Printed the logo on sticker paper to seal the Invitation envelope. 
Final product! (Left the address out for privacy reasons)

More to come soon! 

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