The day of ...

Saturday, November 09, 2013

The day of the party I was franticly rushing around trying to get everything organised whilst keep away from Dad. Luckily I had a event to go to the night before and stayed over in London with a friend, so Dad did not suspect anything since I told him I could be coming home later that day. Anyway...
I was so grateful for all our family friends who had offered to help me set up without me asking. I really couldn't have done it on time without their help.
We had 2 hrs to get all the food ready, decorations set up before Dads arrival. It was mad to say the least. I was sweating most of the time haha... not a pretty site.

But everything went really well and Daddy was so surprised!
Heres some of the decorations pictures I took, but many are still missing as I didn't have time to take them properly. 

D.I.Y flower pom poms.

D.I.Y Coffee bar with doughnuts and sweets.

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