Christmas DIY #3 Sweet tooth- Part 1

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I made more macaroons!  I was so encouraged by the outcome of my first batch of snowman macaroons 
I went and made some christmas pudding ones to keep my snowman company.  I am not an expert in baking, but just someone who really likes to bake! 
So I have linked below the recipe I followed and you can watch the video yourself to make the macaroons! 
Super easy to do and  Stephanie (in the video) gives great tips on how to get successful macaroons!  
The only thing I did was make my own template for the snowman and Christmas pudding to get the shape and had fun decorating. 

My template for circular macaroons 
Ready for the oven! 

Cooling down after baking!
Decorating the top of the macaroons, with white chocolate and fruity flavoured icing.
Nutella in the middle of the macaroons 

Close up of Mr.Snowman. 

Hello there! 

Hope you liked my macaroons and inspires you to make some for your loved ones! 

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