Christmas DIY #1 - Gift Idea for children!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Here is another take on the traditional stocking fillings I've made. It is super easy and affordable and makes great additional gift for the children.

Plastic boot filler - The works -  BOGOF at £2, so I got two making it £1 each
Christmas tree cookie - Home Bargain
Maoam candies - The works
Snowman Chocolates - Wilko
I forgot to mention you will need tissue paper haha, can be any colour you want but I stuck to white to look like snow!
#1 Tuck the tissue paper in to fill up a bit of the boot. 
#2 Leave a layer of tissue paper open at the top so you can cover the candies at the end and tuck the paper back in to prevent the sweets falling out.

#3 Start filling in the boot with sweets you want. You can add in the kids favourites if you know them. 
And thats it! 

This is a little way to add a little special treat to your presents. You can even use them as a gift wrap idea and pop your small presents inside since gift boxes can be around £2-£3 already. Plus you can 
re-use the boot as Christmas decorations! 

Hope you enjoyed this simple little D.I.Y!

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