Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I want to dedicate this post to the people who are in my life. I am so thankful for each and one of you as you have
 showed me love, kindness and  unconditional support. I am truly bless to be living my life with all of you surrounding
 me. Sometimes we get caught up in work, studies or distance keeping us apart but I truly LOVE you all from the bottom 
of my heart! I wish the best upon all of you and may 2014 bring you good health, joy and happiness. 
Thank you God for blessing us with another year! 
Nicole, Kit, Rosie, Vaew, Moeka, me
Thank you for an awesome dinner with great company! 
Joy! Full of joy! Your are always so happy and bubbly every time we meet.
 Only though I have only known you for a few months even though we've been on the same course
for 2.5 years hahaha. I am so glad I have met you!
You make me smile and always so cheerful! 
Claudia!!!! I am so glad to have grown closer in friendship with you over coffee!
 I appreciate you listening to me and putting up with me and being so understanding!
Let have a weekly lunch schedule in our bussy timetable! 
Nicole!!!! Thanks for making me smile every time  I'm with you and thanks
 for the scrumptious cakes you gave me on my Birthday!
And my Sister in christ! 
ET! Though this year I haven't seen much of you but thanks for all the awesome meals
 we've had in the best cities in the world, London and Hong Kong! 

Cousin, best friend, sister, Charmaine! Life would not be complete
without you and our stupidness ;) (inside jk)

Twins!! Moeka and Nanami in Japan!
Thank you Moeka for being such a great friend, Ive known you for three years now?
Crazy how time has passed. 

Twin Aunties!!! The best and most hard working Aunties in the world.
 I love you guys so much even tho as Chinese culture we don't necessarily
 say it but I truly do love you both! 

.... My brother.... Yup.
Joking I have more to say. Thank you for being the best brother any younger sister can wish for.
Thanks for the late night talks in Hong Kong about life, 9gag, childhood memories and also the
2 am mcnugget crave! It has been the best summer spending quality time with you.
Again I don't say this often enough but I Love you so much! You are my rock!  

Daddy Chan on his surprise birthday bash.  Thanks for being there and always driving me and mummy around!
Sometimes I know you don't exactly know what I do at uni lol but you are so understand and patient with my stubbornness.
Thank you for all those times you cheered me up either a trip to McDonalds  just like when we were young,
or the fact that we still sing songs in the car ride to where you drop me off at the station.
Just like we used to on the bike rides where you drop me off at kindergarden.
 I love you Daddy! 
Mame Chan. As you know we are very similar in personalities and sometimes we clash.
But I am truly thankful to have a mummy like you, so strong and passionate.
Thank you for teaching me about love and patient.. also how to deal with our inherited
 stubbornness haha. Love you lots mummy bear! 

Simba and Nala new addition to the family. Hong Kong. You two make me so happy with your silliness and
 happiness towards the most simple things in life. You have brought me much joy whilst me stay in Hk.
Missing you Muchkines! 

my cat yummy. 

My cat Yummy Bear! My life certainly would be lonely with out this  munchkin!
She is the silliest cat I have ever met and the most stubborn too (runs in the family). I love her so much especially when she snuggles up! 

All my cousins, Aunties and Uncles, the distance between us are far but you guys are always there for me.
Thanks for showing me so much love! 
There are many more people I can spend hours writing about but you know who you are! ;) 
So thats it. Good bye 2013, you have been a roller coster. 
 It was fun whilst it lasted but its time to move one and start a new year! 

May all of you have a Fantastic New Year

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