Go do the green thing competition.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So I have been SUPER busy with deadlines coming up, portfolio review, presentations and balancing some freelance AND part time work. omgoodness. But I love it. I love being busy and submerge in work ... maybe a little less work wont hurt.

But since my last post I can confirm I am one of the 6 finalist for the Go do the green thing with WWF (UK). I am completely in shocked and still hasn't sank in. I love studying graphic design but for others outside of University to appreciate my work is something I haven't really thought about. I had many doubts about my ability in the past and doubts about my place at CSM if I'm being truly honest. I thought I was never good enough and didn't understood how on earth I got into CSM. To this day I still question that.
But I honestly try my hardest to tackle each brief to the best of my ability.
Hey, no harm in trying eh?

SO you can check out the other finalist here as well as my poster. I thought the collection they have chosen were pretty awesome.
Click HERE to see the posters!

The 6 of us are going to Pentagram London tomorrow for a mentoring section to talk about our idea and promote out work and the course. I will need your help too! These posters will be going forward in public vote in February (date to be confirmed). The top 3 will be part of earth hour campaign!!!  This is huge and I would love your support!

More to come soon!

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