Hello Paul Smith.

Monday, February 10, 2014

So for the longest time since back in September I finally had a weekend off from my part time job, 
so I decided it will be filled with gallery visits, good food and good company.  
Heres my weekend in pictures! 

Got to start the day right with a delicious cheese toastie from Kappacasein, Borough market.
And then its off to the Hello Paul Exhibition at the design museum. 
Paul's collection of prints, photographs and paintings. Such an inspiring wall. 
The man himself.
Such beautiful desks filled with creativity!
If you have time and in the area I would definitely recommend going to the design museum and having a wonder at Paul's exhibition. 
You get to see a glimpse of Paul's personal collection and where he all started from. 
The sweetest part of the exhibition was how he spoke of his wife Pauline and how she inspired him to be where he is today. 
The exhibition is till 22nd June so definitely go check it out! 

Much love, 

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