2 Days to go, are you ready?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Where has the time gone? 
It's 2 days till Mother's day! Are you ready for it?  If not, don't panic yet! 
I have designed this fun Mother's coupon book to save your day. It is so simple to make, just print off the pages at the end of this post and follow my steps to assemble this booklet in no time. 

This coupon book is filled with thoughtful gestures you can do for your Mum that will make her day. But of course we should do them anyway without a coupon.
So lets get started! 

#1-  Choose the colour you wan and print out the pages with the coupons and print the cover.
You will also need a ruler, Scalpel (or scissors), and a stapler.
#2-  Cut out all of the coupons and the cover. 
#3-  Stack the coupons and place them inside the cover and add two staples along the left edge. 

And TADA, finished! 

Just click on the following images below and drag them onto your desktop to print. 
Pink Version
Blue Version

Hope you'll all spoil your Mums this mothers day! They really deserve it!

Wish you all the best in this D.I.Y and good luck! 
With Love

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