Friday, April 25, 2014

Of course the first thing that had to be was to fuel up for the day, with our complementary full English Breakfast!
A trip down to Brighton would not be complete without visiting the all so famous CHOCCY WOCCY DOODAH! Their chocolate craftsmanship is truly amazing! 
We also discovered they have a little cafe upstairs full of yummy chocolate goodness of course. Their hot chocolate was truly amazing, full of flavour and for some extra goodness, they've added marshmallow and whipped cream on top. 
We also ordered their 5 layer cakes to try out all of their flavours. 
Amazing right? 
My Gigantic hot chocolate. 
After the sugar overdose, we went to explore the lanes to walk of all those calories. 
We stumbled onto this intriguing little shop at the top of one of the streets. Inside is packed full of vintage typesets for letterpress. Little old nicknacks waiting to be discovered and onto a new home. I could of spent a good few hours and see what treasures I could find. 
If you're interested in letter press or type, definitely check out this store, find Mr.Magpie and have a good chat with him, he was so lovely. 

The lovebirds again, strolling down the streets. 

After some shopping throughout the Lanes, we decided to grab a bit to eat before heading back to London. Nicole had this restaurant by the sea front in mind so we were on the quest to find it. But we stumbled on a rather odd but fantastic experience. 
The restaurant had been taken over for the day a new TV show (no name was mentioned). Two chefs from LE Bun had to come up with two dishes, and the menu on consists of those two dishes and at the end, you only pay for how much you think it deserved. 
The menu was either prawn mac n cheese or a burger.

My mac n cheese and Claudia's Burger, both looking amazing! 
A bite into the toast french bread with cheese. 
As you can tell by the clean plate how much I enjoyed that dish. The prawns were cooked just right and the sauce for the mac n cheese was so creamy. (looking back at this is making me hungry) The flavours were amazing definitely not your average mac n cheese.

And at the end we had to write what we thought about it and how much we would pay. 
I ended up paying £15 for the mac n cheese as it was cooked well and the flavours complemented well with each other. I would definitely head up to their restaurant again once they open on up in London.
… Still dreaming about that Mac n Cheese. 

Hope you enjoyed this short adventure to Brighton with me.
 Until the next Adventure,

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