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Monday, May 26, 2014

Its been over a month since I took a trip to Lisbon with a couple of friends and here is what we got up to in pictures below. We were there for 4 days but unfortunately I fell ill on the second night so had to get some rest from exploring the city. But nevertheless I enjoyed my time there to see and experience new culture.
If you ever go to Lisbon its worth getting these Viva viagem cards. These are equivalent to oysters cards in London, where you can top up. You can either get a single journey or top up as a whole day journey and it will last you up to 24hrs.

Our first meal in Lisbon.
It was quite surreal for me to me sitting in the middle of the street outside in sunny Lisbon having lunch, as you know if you live in England, you don't get to experience that everyday. 
TIP: Now at first we didn't know this, but in restaurants they will leave you some bread and butter also some side dishes such as cheese or the fried potato fish cake (pictured above). These are not complimentary at all but what they do it if you have them, they will charge it to your bill. Of course being tourist … hungry tourist, we ate them up and got charged in the end. So we learned from our mistake.

On the first day we arrived, we booked a free tour of Lisbon, our tour guide Francisco pictured above. 
The way this free tour works is that you pay what you think the tour was worth at the end depending how you enjoyed it. 
After the tour I felt like I have seen most of Lisbon so I didn't really feel like I've missed out too much staying in at the hotel on the days I was ill. 
But if you ever go to any euro trips definitely check out SANDEMANs as they provide free tours like the one we went on. 
Francisco was very friendly and added humour to the tour to keep us entertained. oh and he got us to reenacted the battle between the Portuguese and Spanish in the 14. century. And of course he had to pick me for on of the roles. But its was a funny moment and one experience I won't forget. Lets just say acting will definitely not me my future career.
This little nook was famous for the cherry liquor and was only €1,30. I am not much of a drinker as I never liked the alcoholic taste, however when in another country you gotta try the local specialities. So heres us below trying the shot together.
H's reaction to the cherry liquor. The taste was much sweeter than I expected, it was good but I still couldn't finish the whole thing, lucky we bought one and split it between the three of us  haha. Yes we are not big drinkers. 
I had to take a photo of this sleek black till building. It looked so modern and out of place in a way but still blending in with the city scene. I just 
Our first po-tart (in Cantonese) Portuguese tart. And it was delicious, although it would of been better if it was hot, straight from the oven. 

Whilst we were getting lost in the city (we actually did end up getting lost) we stumble on this lovely old lady who was really happy when I snapped this photo and gave me a wave. I love moments like these.
Of course we had to take a trip on the tram when in Lisbon

The next day we stumbled on this little cafe after the trip on the tram. It is located right in the centre so we stopped for coffee and cake. 
How peaceful does this photo look?
We also stumbled on this happy accident. It was a special Easter light show. At first when the sun was going down I noticed some lights on the building and wondered what it was, then we found out there was going to be a light show. So we waited for about 15 and found some seats near the monument in the middle and watched the light show. It was my first time to experience a light show live and loved it. The atmosphere was great and the show was full of artwork form kids in Lisbon.
The day we were meant to fly back, I was feeling a little better and we had some free time before our flight. So me and H decided to explore the pack at the back of our hotel. It was a nice stroll to end out trip except now it has J turn who felt ill and could't join us. 
Overall Lisbon was a lovely trip, just to catch a break from the norm. But I think 4 days was more than enough. Would I go there again? Probably not as I've feel like I've seen most of what Lisbon had to offer but it's still a nice short trip for those who have never been. 

Until next time

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