HK | #1

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My week in Instagram - Hong Kong edition.

Airport #ootd
 Standard HK breakfast: Satay beef ramen, cold lemon water.

First few things you do when you get to Hong Kong is get a hair cut. Made a new friend to whilst the stylist work on my hair. Meow Meow.
Took the cameras out for a walk. Ended up in a little cafe in Causewaybay that does the three eyed alien green tea latte! Can this be any cuter?
Took a ride into central on the old school trams and found these sweet elderly couple. They were so cute together.
My all time favorite. Char sui rice- takeaway of course! Taste better that way.
When I travel I like to stay organized with all my clothes and accessory. But this might of been a little ocd. But doesn't it look pretty? 
Until next time,
Much love, 

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