Hong Kong | Home away from Home.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

So it's been a week since I landed here in Hong Kong and definitely feels like home away from home. I have fallen in love with this city since my last trip, last year and now I'm back again I remember why. 

Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps, always plenty to do, plenty to see and most importantly plenty to eat. It was grown on me over the years as I continue to explore this place I cal home away from home. 

Hope you will fall in love with Hong Kong with me as I discovery the in and outs of this little city. 
Another reason for this trip back to Hong Kong is that I'm currently doing an internship in a Party events company which I am very excited about. Which means exploring will have to wait to the weekends but will keep posting throughout my time here.

Much to explore.

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