1600 Pandas | Rainbow Shanghai dumplings

Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Sunday I went to the new PMQ centre in Central, Hong kong to pay a little visit to 1600 pandas. 
All 1600 pandas have been on a world tour which all started back in 2008 with WWF to help "promote the city’s creative industry by fostering an interactive, imaginative and sustainable environment where humans and nature coexist." 
Since I live in Kowloon one of my favourite way to get over to Hong Kong Island side is by the star ferry. Getting on board I get an old school vibe that brings me memories to when i was a small child boarding the ferry's with my family. Theres a nice breeze from the wind passing by and the motion of the waters whilst you sit on the ferry giving me a nostalgic feel. It is simple, hands down my favourite transportation in Hong Kong and a must for tourist if you are visiting. 
 View of Hong Kong Island from TST 
All on board 

 Once I arrived at PMQ, event he outside there was an artist painting in the streets which got to excited to see more of what this centre has to offer in the future. But this visit was clearly for the PANDAS! Are you ready?
I've never seen so many pandas all at once! Even if they are all just paper mache, it's still  amazing to see so many and definitely brought a smile to Hong Kong. 

 I've got Panda eyes

Paradise Dynasty | Shanghai Dumplings! 

We ordered one set each as we all wanted to taste each f the 8 flavours ourselves! 

The original
Foie gras

Black Truffle
Crab Meat
All gone! 
It was definitely fun to try so many different flavour. If I'm honest, I liked the cheesy Xiao Long Bao the best, as odd as that may seem. It was different, almost like when East meets West in a dumpling form. 
I would definitely have them all again  ... maybe leaving out the Szechuan one (pink) as I didn't like that one too much.

Paradise Dynasty is located in Causeway Bay, Hk. 
Each set costing $88 HK
Happy Eating! 

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