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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A few weeks ago, a couple of my cousins and I went on a cake decoration class where we got to decorate either doughnuts or a Chinese sweet. I decided to go for the Chinese sweets and make stitch as the decoration. It was a fun class overall but a shame it was only decorating as we thought we get to make the cake as well. But hey, we still had a good time. This particular decorating class is located in Kwun Tong, Kowloon side of HK. 

Bare with me: My apologies in advance for the photo quality, my camera decided to die on me and it's now in repair so phone quality it is for now.
The set up. 
First we had to roll the base to over a block of chocolate filling and do that four times.
The class was split into two, with the teacher teaching how to decorate the doughnut as well as the sweets. This meant not much attention was paid to each student and was hard to get the teacher attention for help. So I was left with decorating stitch based on the example they showed. But it worked out for me. 

In action. Making the ears. 
My four creations
Cousins making Donald Duck
My four Baby Stitch 
These are the doughnuts that the teachers made before had as example
And the Chinese sweets also made by the professionals there. 

Overall the experience was fun but in my opinion, not worth the full asking price as you don't get to make the cake yourself but just decorate, its all pre-made for you. It would of been better if the teacher was more attentive to each student. But since the class was split into two different activity with one teacher, it was hard to get her attention when required. I simply just followed her example on the tray that she made, and based on that made my own, so teacher presence wasn't actually vital (for me anyway). This could be that I am a visual person and often can work out how crafts are constructed by looking at it. But if you are not that creative in cake decoration, this could be ideal for you to create something fun and different. 

My thoughts: Go if you like cake decorating and have had no experienced before hand. But if you already have a basic knowledge of cate decorating then this might not be as fun for you.
Nevertheless, these cakes are still adorable! 
Wish I could of made one of each character.

Which one would you of made? 

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