HK | #4

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rainbow Shanghai Dumplings | 1600 Pandas | Hayao Miyazaki
Lobster | Yue Min Jun

My all time favourite place for dinner in HK is sham shui pos dai pai dong. Full of local, it is a must when visiting Hong Kong to try the local cuisine. 

So good we cleaned out all the dishes.

I've got panda eyes... 1600 of them

So happy to see so many pandas!
Rainbow Shanghai Dumplings! 

My favourite type of transport in Hong Kong - The star ferry
Me and no face at the Hayoa Miyazaki Exhibition

Nala Bear keeping me company as  I work from home
Healthy breakfast to start the day
HK is great for seafood lovers! Lobster for $78

Yue Min Jun
At least he gets my jokes. 
This week has been full of good food, good company and many laughters. 
I'm so thankful for all that I have and for all my loved ones. This week has definitely lifted my spirits up from last week and looking forward to my trip to singapore this week! 
Hope you all have an fantastic week! 

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