HK | #5 - Singapore edition.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So last week I took a trip to Singapore for a few days with some of my Aunties since they had a few days off from work. 
It was a nice, fun and adventures trip which I will do a post about what I got up to later. 
But for now heres my weekly instagram update.
A must, when being a tourist is the all famous departure photo. 
Some pre-flight snack.
Hello Singapore, but first let me take a selfie. - At Fairmont hotel 
Delicious food with the famous Hainna chicken rice

Day spent at Universal Studios Singapore.

Singapore Diner, Bun Buns
Pretty flowers makes my day- Garden by the Bay

Interesting architecture- Singapore Art and Science Museum 
Went into China town, stepped into Japan instead. 
My dream has come true, I've found an Elecorn! 

More to come on my trip to Singapore!
Until then, 

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