R&C Cafe | Causeway bay

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A few Sundays ago my cousin took me to this very cute cafe , R&C that does some amazing green tea lattes with some fun latte art to chose from. 
As with most place in Hong Kong there was a queue but luckily this one was a short one and was seated quite quickly. 
Inside was quite small and crowed but we were seated by the corner window seat so felt have more privacy. The decor inside was simple and clean,with a very warm feel to the atmosphere. 
What we ordered was a cup of green tea latte with the three-eyed alien as my choice of latte art, my cousin ordered a mocha with 3d latte art. We decided to grab a small bite as well to share as the red bean tiramisu caught our eye. 

Verdict? The green tea latte arrived first tho they told us it was a 10min wait, and the mocha arrived 15-20 mins after which was for me quite a long wait for a coffee. But the green tea latte was very smooth and was well flavoured, not too sweet and not too bland.

And as for the cake, though I'm smiling in the photo above, the taste was not as I had imagined and anticipated to be. The red bean tiramisu consisted of a layer of lady fingers, a whole load of cream with red bean mixed into it. In my opinion it would of tasted better if there were more layers of lady fingers but thats just my taste buds talking.

Overall the coffee was good and the latte art was definitely what drawn us to this cafe but for the dessert, a little disappointing therefore won't be going back, well at least not for sweets anyway.

Until next time, 

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