HK | #7

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Biggest soy milk I've ever seen. 
 Rockin' my D.I.Y Summer floral sunglasses

 Cousin and I just discovered how fun and useful the selfie stick is

 The only way is up from here 
 Going back to childhood snacks
 My Macau Family 
 Off to work I go #ootd
 Fresh from Australia, Thanks auntie!  
 Work lunch by the beach, I can get use to this
 Falling in Love again.
 Hong Kong sunset, home away from home.
 My kind of Friday night. 
 Me and my cousin went cray cray. #fattyfriday

 Cheers and congrats to my cousin! Love you lots! 
And of course a selfie!

Its been such a busy few weeks over at the internship, and trying to fit in everything. My time in Hong Kong is nearly over and I know I will miss this place very much. But there is still time and much to explore. Until next time, 

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