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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dazzling Café has been on the top list of new restaurants to check out on OpenRice. Now if you're in HK and don't know what OpenRice is… download it now! It's a very handy app that list all the restaurants in HK with customers ratings and review. 

Anyway, back to Dazzling Café. It is a new Taiwanese Café famous for their beautifully presented dessert toast. Getting a table is a little tricky since HK'ners loves hitting up the new spots first hand, and with only a first come, first serve service, queuing is needed to ensure a ticket to get in. For us, me and my cousin went there on a weekday at 10:30 am to queue, in which they started giving out tickets at 11:00, with the Café officially opens at 12:00am. Once we got a ticket we wondered around the mall a little before the Café opened. Even though we were early, there was a queue already, so if you really want to try Dazzling, definitely go on a weekday and go early. 
All the staff were friendly and polite and all spoke Mandarin keeping with the Taiwanese theme. They gave good recommendations when asked, and helped you deconstruct the honey toast and will teach you how to go about eating it.
The decor inside was nice and clean with a Princess theme, defiantly a Café for girls. You won't really
see many guys there unless they were dragged out by their girlfriends which was typically the case.

We ordered savoury as well as sweet dishes as it's a must try at Dazzling. We ended up with a lemon chicken spaghetti dish, Strawberry cream honey toast, and Green tea honey toast.  Sadly the waffle was not available at the time we went but that is also a must try.
All dishes were very delicious and actually worth the fuss. The chicken was cooked nicely with a crispy skin and the sauce went well with the pasta.  
Both the honey toasts were a good portion and good for sharing, wish fresh ingredients. 

Overall I would definitely recommend Dazzling Café if you're the sort that doesn't mind waiting a bit to get in. The Café had a nice atmosphere with helpful and friendly staff, and the dessert toast is worth a photo to make all your friends jealous. 

Dazzling - Menu
My E-ma, could't resist adding this one in with her happy smile
Caramel Latte 
Strawberry cream honey toast
Lemon Chicken Spaghetti 
Green tea honey toast

Until the next food adventure,

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