Friday, September 19, 2014

A trick of finding cool places to explore in HK I've found is actually to searching hashtags on instagram such as #hk #hkfoodie #hkfood. And thats where I've found The Match box. 
I'm the one to believe pictures sales everything and thats how i decided to pay this little cafe a visit. 
The Match Box is a HK style Tea restaurant in Causeway Bay, famous for their Chicken pie in pea soup. And of course as always, I wanted to order everything of the menu. 
I absolutely LOVE HK style tea restaurants, known as cha chain tent as they give me a nostalgic feeling of what HK use to be like, a piece of the old but in the present. 

We ordered the Chicken pie in pea soup set, which comes with pancakes with walnuts as well. The crispy pork bun caught my eye as it was something different with the taste of sweet and savoury in one bite, it was certainly delicious. Also my brother had his eye on the banana peanut toast which was also scrumptious. 

I can't wait to come here again the next time I'm in HK. The staff were all friendly and cheerful which you don't typically get in a local HK style cafe, but this one is different. The food is has a westernised fusion to it, which is what I love about this cafe.
Definitely check it out if in town! 

Until the next adventure

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