Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's been over two month since I've been back from Hong Kong but I feel there are still some adventures I would like to share with you guys. 

Therefore I will be doing TBT | HK edition. Like I've said in previous posts, HK is one of my favourite city in the entire world, with much to explore than meets the eye, it is only up to the traveller if he/ she is willing to explore. 

During my last few days of Hong Kong, me and my brother took a small hiking trip in Tai O, in search of the infinity pool. And I have to say, every bit of sweat was worth it once you've reached the pool. 

We followed directions from Hike Hong Kong which was super helpful! Without their directions I think we would've gotten lost. 

Coming back down form the mountains, we decided to have a wonder around the village of Tai O before heading back to central. 

Chinese Salty fish
Only in HK can you get cheap Husband… I'll take one to go please. 
And you can't leave Tai O without visiting Mr Lei, his doggie and his famous egg waffle! 
When we got there, there were a couple of people waiting ahead of us, but good thing comes to those who waits and Mr Lei's egg waffle is no exception. With only one charcoal grill and one egg waffle pan, it is certainly worth the wait. 

He's so famous he even has his own sign! 

It's so fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside!!!
I would highly recommend going to Tai O if you can even if its just for the egg waffles! 

Until next time,

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