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Sunday, November 30, 2014

I really cannot believe how fast time is passing as December starts tomorrow! Seriously where is all this time going? 
Anyway back to this post. Just last week me and Mr. went to the Renegade Craft Fair at Old Truman Brewery. I only found out about the fair a week before and it completely slipped my mind when 22nd Nov approach (the day the fair started). So I was determined to make it on Sunday instead (their last day) and I'm so glad I did. Mr. had the day off work which is rare so it was nice spending time with him  and opened him up to my type of fun :p.

At first when we got there I was too excited to check out the crafts that we actually missed the fair and went into the sunday market instead (I thought that was the fair). 
And as we walked through the market I was a little disappointed as the market was your typical jewellery and clothing market with not many handmade goods, and thought this surely isn't the craft fair. 

But hey we did stop to get some delicious food whilst we were there, so it's not all lost. 
So with our tummies satisfied we decided to leave and wonder around, as soon as we came out we saw the big Renegade sign and realised we got into the wrong market. 

We got there in the end and I'm so glad we didn't give up and missed the fair all together. Anyway I thought it was a funny story so thought I'd share, but heres some photos from last Sunday of the fair. Enjoy!
This Chicken had the most amazing sauce that came with it!
The real fair!
Loved this booth! High-five to all those cat lovers out there!
Regretting not getting a Dino. 

Lots of crafters business cards
Robin hair pin by Layla Amber
And my favourite that Mr. kindly bought for me, a London brick vase! From STOLEN FROM
The fair was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon, and just love these craft fairs where you can talk to the designers and makers themselves. 

If you would like to visit a craft fair Crafty fox market is back again this year and just started this weekend. They are on for two more weekends at Brixton, and Peckham, so don't miss them!
until next time,

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