Thursday, November 13, 2014

I can't believe its another week since TBT! Where has time gone? 
And to end my HK TBT food diary, it has to be one of the most fun dessert I had in HK and it was at Coffee Alley.

A Western style cafe located in TST and in Causeway Bay, Coffee Alley sure knows how to make their desserts. 

Since when I went the TST branch was still very new, so queuing was of course expected. Tho I'm not really the person to wait hours for a restaurant but me and my cousin wanted to check the place out before I left HK, so we sucked it up and had to wait 1 hour or so to get in. 

We ordered a Beef curry with bread, which was average in my opinion and was a tad too oily for me, however they did win back my attention when it came to desserts and ordered the strawberry cream waffle, and the candy floss coffee tower. 

The waffle was delicious, however the strawberries were sour, which was a let down. But the cotton candy floss coffee tower (wow that was mouthful to say) was certainly the highlight of the evening it even came with ice cream. 
We were given a huge tower of candy floss and with a small jar of coffee to compliment the candy floss. The way to eat it was to pour the coffee over the candy and let it melt, and it became a mini art piece as the liquid melted into the candy. 

Overall, I would say I don't think I would go back there again except maybe for the coffee candy floss, just for something fun with a friend who's never been.  But as for their food, I'll say its pretty average. But still a fun place to have lunch with a couple of friends. 

The Coffee Candy Floss tower. 
I hope you guys enjoyed my HK diary, and hopeful discovered some places you would like to explore yourself if you're in town. 
Until next time, 
Much love, 

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