Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22! As Taylor Swift sang her heart out in her song, I ate my heart out at Barnyards with some of my good friends form University. Since I have a foodie section on the blog it was only right that I share my experience with you. 

Now this was my first time at Barnyard and before going I have never heard of it before. But my good friend Nicole highly recommend it and so we checked it out. At this point I thought I was only meeting Nicole but some of my friends was there to give me a surprise which made my night. : )

Barnyard is a casual restaurant on Charlotte Street, London, with a mixture of British and American take on farmhouse cooking, created by chef Ollie Dabbous 
The interior was quirky firing with the style of the food and the atmosphere was a warm homely vibe, definitely great for a casual Saturday night. Won't bore you with to much reading but look for yourself as I guide you through to what we ordered that night. Be warned this might make you hungry…

Just want to say Thank you to those who wished me a Happy Birthday! And for my friends for the lovely dinner! 
Until next time,

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