Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking back this year I have to thank God for all his blessings upon me and for given experiences that I am so thankful for. This year I have learnt a lot about myself and who I am shaping out to be.

Earlier this year I entered a competition held by Do the Green Thing by Pentagram and WWF Earth hour and I was shortlisted. I then got to experience a day at London Pentagram's office and got invited to a private party for Earth Hour 2014 and saw the London Eye switch off for the hour. 

The whole experience was quite overwhelming as I have never been confident in my graphic work. 
I tend to put a brave face on and to appear that everything is well (with my design work) but deep down I was lost. In the process of going through uni I was at a time where I didn't know where I fitted in within the design world, and always had this feeling of not being good enough as my peers were all excelling in their work. It was an inspiration to see all their work blossom but still I was at a place where I was unhappy with my own direction as I felt I can just never get it right no matter how much effort I put in.

However, entering the WWF competition had given the confident boost that I needed at the time but it also made me rethink the type of career I wanted or didn't want. 
It was an incredible experience to work with designers and meet fellow graphic designers and illustrators who entered the competition as well, and be able to talk to people in a real brief situation. My work appeared on WWF Earth Hour websites and was promoted as the public voted for the winner.
Even though I did not win, the whole experience itself was more than I could ever ask for. 
The project allowed me to design something I was passionate about and the work I made had a voice. 

Some of you might remember a post from late last year about my planning for my Dad's 60th Birthday Party. At that point I had never considered party planner as a possible career path or realised party planner was an actual job. But after the whole bash with so many compliments and really enjoying the whole process of making Dad's Birthday party come together, I was craving to explore the industry further. I had a strong sense of my style and what I like, and gravitated to Bespoke Party Planning and found two possible internship in the summer. 
I applied for both but was only really interested in the one I found in HK. I got the internship in Hong kong and it was also a great excuse to go back and see all my family as well. 
After the whole experience, I fell in love with the industry and loved every minute of it. I knew this was right for me and it's what I wanted to do.

The part I love the most was being able to create a special day for someone and try to make it an unforgettable day for them to remember for a long time to come. 

Coming back from Hong Kong, I've been emerging myself into a project that I can't say too much of now but I'm really excited for when I can share with you all.
I have also been focusing more on the things I love doing along side Uni work which is this Blog.
The blog has given me creative freedom and have been able to share my crafty side with you all which I have loved doing and definitely want to do more of in 2015! 
The kind words on instagram, comments on the blog and also private messages has been so encouraging for me to work hard and keep on creating what I love. So I want to say a BIG THANK YOU! To all my readers. 

To sum it all up. Through out this year it made me realise and confirm where I want to be after University. It is an exciting time and I know 2015 will be a VERY busy year for me but I am sure it will also me an enjoyable one. Work hard and PARTY even harder! :)
My Pentagram Poster on the issue of food wastage 

Earth Hour Night
HK internship, Parisian Birthday party. 

One of my lovely readers emailed this photo to me of her cousin making one of my D.I.Y Christmas Cards.

I can not predict what will happen in the new year but I just hope I will be continuing to do what I love.

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