PAULS & Paddington

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Lunch at PAULS 
Giant Christmas Tree
Special Delivery Paddington 

It's officially 2015 and just want to say Happy New Year again to you all! 
Hope you all had a great New Year celebrations and ready for another year of adventure.
And of course to start of my first post in 2015 it has to be a foodie post!

A few days ago Mr had the day off from work so we decided to have a relaxed day out in Central London and check out the Bond in Motion exhibition in Convent Garden (which I will do another post on).  Since we met up around lunch time and Mr hadn't had breakfast that morning,  I thought we would check out Shake Shack since it was in the area and neither of us had tried it before. But when we got there it as absolutely packed and it was a long wait and with our hungry tummies it was not ideal so we decided to head to Paul's instead and I'm glad we did.

I have never had a sat down meal at Paul's before but just had their desserts for takeaway a few times. Which may I add are delicious! When we arrived we had to wait just a little while to be seated as a couple of tables were just leaving but it wash't too long of a wait. 
We ordered some small bites and snack and Mr. had a mocha and I just had my usually of still water :). I can never really drink anything else with my meals as I always get full quicker if I do, anyone else the same? 

We ordered the Croque Monsieur, which is a Ham & Emmental cheeses toast and the Crique de Gramat, a potato cake with ham & Emmental cheese as well to share. Both were delicious especially the freshness of their bread and the portions were decent for their price. 
I love the atmosphere of Paul's, it was relaxing and the decor was beautifully done, also the waiters attire tied in the whole French cafe dinning experience.

After lunch we headed our way to Bond in Motion, but I knew we had to find Paddintgton that was located near by. Since the movie came out in November, which by the way if you haven't done so, you must watch it! There has been 50 Paddington's dotted around London and you can go on trials to find them all. But sadly that day that I was down in London it was the last day the Paddington's was going to be there and was to be removed from the city later the same day, so I was determined to at least find one! And I was so happy to be able to find him in Covent Garden! Just wished I had more time to find more! 

Until next time,

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  1. Your photography is beautiful. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    1. I have only realised this comment. Thank so much! I love your blog too and your style is on point! x

  2. This is such a beautiful post! Happy new year dear, wishing you a very fun and successful 2015! :)

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