Winter Bargains!

Friday, January 09, 2015

With every shop you walk into right now, it's hard to ignore all the massive sale signs as they are literally EVERYWHERE! So of course I couldn't help myself but to grab a few bits here and there and thought I'll share some of my bargains with you!

#1 Cambridge Satchel 

I have been debating purchasing a Cambridge Satchel for about a year now as its just a classic staple piece for the perfect wardrobe, but never took the plunge to purchase one. However, when I walked passed their store in Convent Gardens I couldn't resist to have a peak. And just as well as it was all 40% off. So I did it! Or OOPS Shall I say I have been trying to be good and not spend too much on clothing. 
But here it is, and I love it. Its perfect to fit all my essentials in! 

#2 Winter Warmers 

As the wether is turning rather cold the last few days, the Accessorize sale was the perfect shop to pop to for my Winter Warmers, and even perfect if you're on a bargain hunt as it was all 70% off. 
I love these fluffy mittens as they look super cute and super warm too, and will match with all my winter outerwear. 

 #3 Fluffy Slippers 

And I picked up these slippers too for £3.90 (yup! That wasn't a typo)! 

#4 Dazzling necklace

And last but not least, this beautifully beaded necklace I got in early December but I thought I'll share with you guys anyway as its too pretty! 
This is from H&M and was a steal at £7. I have always believed you don't need big bucks to dress good and I hope sharing these bargains with you will inspire you to bargain hunt yourself, but also save you some pennies :) 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and
Happy Bargain Shopping! 

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  1. Lovely things you picked up! I'm on a spending ban and have so far resisted walking into a shop and online shopping =D

  2. Thank you Lucy :) I know this was bit naughty for me but I am trying to be god for the rest of the year! I admire your resistance! Keep it up! x

  3. I love that satchel - so gorgeous! :)
    Alex //