Friday, June 05, 2015

Note: This post might make you hungry : D
A few weeks back in May it was Nicole's Birthday. YAY!!!  Since she is a foodie I thought it would be fun to organise an evening cooking class at Jamie's Oliver in Notting Hill. I originally wanted to book the pasta cooking class but it was fully booked for the date I had planned, instead we leant how to cook green Thai Chicken curry from scratch! 

Chef Jess (our teacher), was really friendly as she went through the steps to make our own dinner. Overall I thought it was a great experience, especially when cooking with a bunch of your friends, making it a great night out. I was a little dissapointed with the outcome of my curry as I thought it was going to be a more creamier curry but it kinda turned out more of a salsa instead (not sure if thats how it was meant to turn out). Nonetheless it was still good for the tastebuds and we all had a great time. Was it worth the price? Yes and no, as the experience was good in itself but the food was a little disappointing. So maybe next time I would book a class that I can learn a new skill from like pasta making. 
All of us about to enjoy our dinner. 
Recipease also has their own shop downstairs where students from the cooking class can get 10% off products. But I was far more interested in theses yummy goodness which were 50% off! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and a quick tip before I go, Recipease now have 2 for 1 Tuesday where you can enjoy cooking class with a friend for half price! This however is only on certain Tuesdays so be sure to book in advance for the class you want! 

Have a great weekend all! 

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