Back To School D.I.Y | Breakfast Bar

Friday, August 28, 2015

Just because school is starting doesn’t mean the parties have to! And because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not send the kids off to their first day of school with a fun waffle breakfast bar! It is so easy to create in your own home and such a great way to start their school year right!
Buy or make some waffles or pancakes if you prefer and gather all the toppings you desire for the kids to create their ultimate waffle, oh and don’t forget the sauce! Set it all up on your breakfast table and why not make a  “Have a nice day!” bunting to add to the festivities!

Keep reading to download the printable file and make your own bunting!

Hope you like today’s post, and I would absolutely love to see all your back to school or uni breakfasts, just hashtag me on instagram or Facebook #fromyourstruly. Can’t wait to see them! 
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another Back to School D.I.Y! 

With Love,

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  1. Such a fun idea Tiffany!! No kids for me to experiment on though at the moment.... haha!
    Btw, I've tagged you on this: Would love to see your post about it =)


  2. haha Thank you Lucy!
    Oh cool, thank you for the tag! I feel so guilty and such a bad blogger as I didn’t finish off and post the Liebster award! *.* But I will definitely post this one : )