Travel Diaries | Madrid Part 1

Monday, August 24, 2015

I cannot believe how fast time has gone and with the gloomy forecast for this week it certainly feels like summer is drawing to an end. But before we officially head into Autumn I would like to finally share my travel diaries!
This post has been floating on my blog waiting for it to be published for a while now, however every time I open up the drafted holiday post I get distracted reminiscing on the sunnier days wishing I was back there again. Anyway, it is finally here now, so lets go exploring!

What better start to the trip than exploring the local market for a bite to eat. After settling down to our hotel we decided to check out San Anton Market as we saw it on the way to our hotel and was so close by.
With hungry tummies we headed straight to the first floor where we discovered a variety of tapas. We found a fish stall that served a selection of different fish bruschetta which was only € 1 a slice. The fish was so fresh and tasted so good we had to re-order more!
San Anton Market is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a light lunch with a great selection of foods to choose from.

A visit to San Miguel market is a must if you’re in Madrid and a foodie! This market is full of live with great atmosphere and some delicious looking foods to eat. From all kinds of meats and fish to desserts you’ll be sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds. The only thing was… it was a little pricy for our budget city trip and more expensive than other markets around the area. However, I would still definitely recommend going even just for the experience.
How can you visit Spain without trying out their Paella? Though since we were in a tourist centred area, we didn’t know which restaurants was better for some good authentic Paella. We soon stumbled on Tercio Viejo De Saramiento which was near the San Miguel Market. It was a lovely little restaurant that didn’t appear to be a tourist trap. The staff were all super friendly and really welcoming, taking us through the menu with recommendations on traditional Spanish dishes.
Soon we decided to go for their specials which was 3 course for only 13.50 which included salad for the starters, a meat dish with selection of different meats and veg, Paella, calamari for the mains and chocolate cake for desserts with a free drink. Definitely not bad for 13.50 with great friendly staff I would recommend popping to Tercio Viejo for some great local Spanish food.
(Not the most appetising photos but the meat just melted off the bones and was so good!)

Hope you enjoyed this little food adventure with me to Madrid. Come back for part 2 and I’ll share with you some great places to visit. :)
Until next time, much love,

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