Saturday, October 24, 2015

A couple of weekends ago, me and Nicole stumbled upon Fields cafe in Clapham Common after going to colourscape. This little cafe is situated right in the middle of the park, making it a great coffee pitstop after a morning walk. It is not the most attractive cafe out there with wooden tables and benches situated outside, it certainly has a cool vibe to it, I guess you can call it hipster. 

Originally we wanted to order their ghetto omelette (yes, you read that right) but the lady in front of us just happened to order the last one, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
We ended up ordering the Sourdough croque madame, wild rabbit mortadella on sourdough, a side of bacon and their peat-smoke lardy cake.   
The croque madame certainly looked delicious, and it did taste great but a little tough to cut into and hard to bite. I tired a little bit of the wild rabbit as my tastebuds were feeling a little adventurous. I can eat it if I had to but I would say it's not really my cup of tea, for me rabbits should be kept as pets not food imo. The bacon was...bacon and we were a little disappointed since we paid £3 for 3 rashers. £1 per bacon, I guess that’s London for ya.  And lastly for the peat-smoked lardy cake! I was looking forward to digging in and be wowed and fall in love, however that did not happen. I was hoping for a moist bite but the cake was again a little hard for my liking.

Overall Fields is a good little pit stop for some coffee and light bite to eat if passing by but for me, I wouldn’t go out of my way just to eat there. 

Been to any good eats lately that you think I should check out? I would love to know!

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