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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I am very excited to share with you something exciting I’ve been working on recently. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Emma over at to do a collbration with them. After checking out their website and learning more about the company, I was excited to work with them on this occasion.
{ Disclaimer: All opinions are of my own and are genuine } 
Who are GoCustomized? 

GoCustomized is an online e-commerce situated in the heart of Amsterdam, specialising in personalised gadget accessories. Customers can create their own personalised phone cases to protect their gadgets either choosing from their website's own pre-made designs which you can also add extra text on, or uploading your favourite images and even having a go at designing something yourself from scratch to be printed on your case. This is such a fun idea to let customers be creative on such a practical product that most of us use everyday.

Over at GoCustomzied website, you will find a variety of gadget case to chose from. What I really like about the company is that they have included other different phone models such as Samsung, HTC and Nokia (just to name a few) and not just having the typical Apple cases.
Not only do they have a range of models that you can  design for depending on what you have, they also have different types of cases avaliable to suit your style and needs.

Now the fun part!

I currently have the Iphone 6 and I knew I wanted to design and create something that was meaningful to me. I decided I wanted the full wrap hard case, which meant the image I upload will continue and wrap around the phone edges instead of a solid colour. I designed my own illustration and quoting one of my favourite Bible verse, Solomon 4:7 which to me is such a beautiful quote.

Their website was very easy to use and uploading the image was very straight forward. You will get a preview of what your phone case will look which I thought was great. You can reposition your image to your liking or make any changes until you’re happy with it before going to checkout. All their products have free shipping with no hidden cost which is great!


On their website it stated your phone case will take about 5-7 days to arrive but mine arrived 3 days after purchase which was a great surprise for me as it was unexpected.  
My phone case arrived in a white padded envelope, which was great as that protected the case from breaking in the post. However I think the packaging could have been given more thought, such as a including a ‘Thank you for shopping with us letter’ just to have that cherry on top shopping experience, or even some details like a sticker on the envelope to give a clue who the package is from to get you excited about opening the product. For me, if the packaging has been well thought out, it makes the whole shopping experience more exciting and fun, like you’re opening a present on your Birthday. But that is just an eye for detail I have developed from coming of a design background. I was impressed with the print of my design as it was of high quality and was exactly what I wanted the case also feels good too whilst holding it.

YOU can also make your own iPhone 6 case too along with many more different types of other phones and gadgets! Getting to personalise your phone case is such a creative concept and it will make a great present for a loved one too, especially if you have no clue what to get them! (That’s half of my Christmas shopping shorted!)

It was such great and fun experiece getting to work with GoCustomized and I want to thank them for letting me collaborate with them. Please do check them out as I genuinely love their concept allowing you to be creative, and bring your creations to live.

Please feel free to leave me a comment and make my day as I would love to know what you would design for your phone case?

Much love,

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