Matcha Pink Lady Apple Cake with Sesame Buttercream*

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Growing up in Hong Kong my favourite type of cake to get from the bakery was always the green tea swiss roll with fresh cream in the middle. Just thinking about it now is making me drool! So when Pink Lady Apples contacted me if I was interested in doing a collaboration using their apples, I immediately knew I wanted to bake something and recreate my childhood favourite cake with a twist.
Fun Fact: My first e-mail address was actually prettypinkladytc66, I was 12 when I came up with the name... and yes this e-mail is still active but not used.
Today, I will be sharing how to make Matcha apple cake with sesame buttercream.
I am no professional baker so I have based my recipe from Karen over at Honestly Yum and adapted to my liking. I hope enjoy!

Apple is a great way to add a little fresh taste to any recipe and I hope you will love this one too.
What would you add your Pink lady apples to? 
For more recipe ideas don’t forget to pop over to Pink Lady Apples website, where you’ll find a range of sweet and savoury dishes that will surely satisfy your tastebuds! 

Much love,

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  1. You are so talented Tiffany! I love the recipe and the visuals you used for this post, so creative! x