REAL TALK #1 | Where it all started

Saturday, October 03, 2015

I thought for my first real talk with T post I will start from the beginning. It is a common question when you meet someone for the first time you ask them ‘where are you from?’ so today I thought I’ll answer that question.

I was born in Edmonton, Canada on 24th November 1992 and was named peanut from the nurses at the hospital since I only weighed 5lb 11oz , but my parents thought Tiffany was the better option (thank goodness).  I have one older brother who is 5 years older than me and a younger sister who is also our pet cat. What was Canada like? Well, I can’t really answer that question as just after 18 months since I was born our family moved to Hong Kong where my parents are originally from.

Growing up in Hong Kong

I don’t remember much of growing up in Hong Kong as I was so young. But I do remember the art classes my Mum used to take me on Saturday mornings. I loved those classes and wished normal school was just as fun. 

Some of my art work from art class. Age 5/6
I was never good at academic subjects but always tried my best. However if you are familiar with Hong Kong education system you would know that it is very competitive and that’s where I struggled. When I was in the first year of primary school, my parents were called into the school to have a discussion with my teacher. She told my parents to start looking at alternatives for me as she knew I wasn’t going to do well in the education system there. At that time I was too young to take notice on what she said but it stuck with me growing up.

I started to think I wasn’t good enough and I felt disappointment in myself that I have let my parents down for not being able to do well in school as all I wanted was to make them proud. At the same time I was trying to do my best and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t good enough. Luckily for me, we didn’t stay in Hong Kong for very long as we were to move again for my Fathers job, this time the destination was England.

Stay tuned for Part II 
Growing up in the U.K 

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