Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Welcome back to part two of my Travel Diary, destination, Budapest! Today I’m drooling over what we ate on our holiday and sharing with you some lovely places we’ve discovered. 
Let’s get started!

- Central Market Hall | Nagy Vasarcsarnok -

If this is your first time exploring Budapest then a stop at the Central Market Hall is a must. There is a huge variety of fresh produce to buy downstairs but for the tourist is all about the second floor. You will find many small souvenirs stalls but the most important (imo) the food stalls. We decided to try traditional goulash stew since we are in Hungry after all and it was delish! 

- Street Snacks we stumbled upon on -

Kürtőskalács also known as chimney cake is a popular pastry in Hungry. It is sweet and comes in a lot of different flavours such as lemon, chocolate and hazelnut. A fun, tasty snack to eat was it comes in a strip form wrapped upwards. 

I would highly recommend Gelarto Rosa as it was such a great tasty bargain! For 4 flavours it was less than £2 if I remember correctly, and the ice cream come in a form of a rose! 

Another spot I fell in love with whilst I was in the city was Callas Cafe. The interior is absolutely beautiful and such a romantic spot for a lunch/ dinner date. We stopped here only for a drink but I would love to go back and try out their food. 

This restaurant was recommended to us by our hotel receptionist and I can see why. We headed there on our first night in Budapest and as we opened the menu we where surprised on how cheap the food was. A typical main meal was around £5 /6 which is such a bargain compared to London prices where one meal can easily start from £10. The restaurant was clean, spacious with friendly staff, there was also a live pianist which set a lovely mood to our evening! 

Tom-George Italiano -

After an evening of night walking we stumbled upon Tom George Italiano. It looked very warm and inviting from the outside and a little fancier than the other restaurants we’ve visited so far, so we thought we would treat ourselves. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great! A fab place for a relaxing dinner. 

- Bohemtanya -

For our last night in the city Mr & I actually wanted to go back VakVarju  as we knew the food was good and did’t want to fuss over where to eat. However we got there a little too late as the restaurant had closed their kitchen. So we tried our luck at Bohemtanya which was just opposite, however the waiter said their kitchen is closing too. He saw that we were disappointed and told us to wait for a moment and went to ask his boss if there was anything left. The very friendly manager came out greeted us and explained that their kitchen is closing but there are still a few dishes left. We were seated and he went through the menu with us, recommending traditional Hungarian dishes. We order goulash soup, Mr ordered pork cutlet with homemade dumplings and I ordered sirloin strips in mild red wine sauce that had a hint of orange in it served with croquettes. Our food came quickly since the kitchen was about to close but the manger assured us there was no rush and to just enjoy our meals. 
We thought it was fate that we ended up at this restaurant as to us it was more authentic Hungarian food than Vak Varju. It was the perfect last evening meal in Budapest. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, a little long but I thought these places we’ve visited was worth sharing. We had such a great holiday from sight seeing, discovering new a cuisine, experiencing thermal baths and just getting lost in the city.  
I can’t wait for my next holiday with Mr as I know wherever we go we will make it a great experience! 

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  1. You guys are so cute! I travelled to Budapest years ago and really enjoyed the scenary and food, thanks for sharing your photos Tiffany - the goulash soup looks delish and the rose icecream is so sweet!

    Hanh x