Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good morning beautiful! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and ate till your heats content, I sure did myself. 
Just right before Christmas Mr & I went to an exhibition at the Welcome Collection in Euston called States Of Mind by Ann Veronica Janssens, and I thought I’ll share my experience with you before the exhibition finishes on 3rd January 2016. Her installation explores light and colour by using colour mist to minimise detail of surface or depth. The interpretation of the installation is your own to explore and unique to your own experience. 
For me it did feel as little strange the first few minutes being in the room as you are emerged in nothing but mist, and thats all you see. Everything becomes a blur and you had to be careful not to bump into anyone, but that’s what made it exciting for me. I had Mr by my side which was comforting, but at times as he wondered off for a few seconds and I couldn’t see him anymore, it did made me feel anxious. It made me realise that seeing and the sense of sight is something I take granted for everyday. Being in that room, with the different light changes it’s beautiful but if thats all you can see in life, you lose beautiful details. Details that makes us look unique, and details to help us separate things. This installation is quite a fun and beautiful experience and I would recommend a visit before it closes if you can and if you’re not claustrophobic.
Hope you are all enjoying the holidays and having a great week! 
Until next time, much love, 

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