Thursday, December 31, 2015

It is true what they say, “Be yourself, cause everyone else is taken”. When you realise how amazing you are at being you, you will become free. For me, 2015 was the start of the journey of finding my true self and loving who I am for what I am. In a culture where we share everything with everyone,  it is so easy to get caught up in envy as we compare our lives with others based on how amazing their life looks on instagram. Their life is not yours, and there is no competition as the best version of you can only come from you. Your life and your happiness is what you make of it, and should not be determined by the amounts of likes you get. 
Once you realise that you are in control of your own happiness and you stop caring about what others might think of you, you might find something about yourself that you never knew before and most importantly to start loving yourself. 
Give love and be loved. Loving yourself is the most important but also realising others love is also important. This year I have learnt what it is to be loved from family and friends and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. As I entered the real world after graduating from university this year, I took a big step and launched my own business. The support from my family has been amazing and I am truly thankful to have them by my side. 
Never let anyone or anything stop you from chasing your dreams, no matter how big or small you might think they are. If you love it enough, passion, hard work and determination will come naturally.  It may not be easy but the journey can be amazing as you reach a step closer to your dreams. And when you are there, you can proudly say, I’ve made it. 
You can start by setting some simple goals in order to reach your ultimate dreams but don’t forget each goal achieved, its already a great achievement on its own. 
I hope you had an amazing 2015. For me it was a blur, full of hard work, and it has been emotional but I wouldn’t change anything that has happened as I am thankful to be where I am now. 

Happy New Year everyone and may you have many blessings in 2016! 

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