Lunch With Vital Ingredient*

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

If you’re guilty like me (who made a new years resolution to eat clean and then two days later somehow ended up devouring a piece of chocolate cake), feel guilty no more as I have just the place for you to redeem yourself...                                                                                                                      
...And thats Vital Ingredient.
Located in soho amongst other locations, Vital Ingredient were so kind to invite Mr and I for lunch to try out their new hot food menu. I’m so glad we went as I have never been to one of their restaurants before until now. 

This has to be one of the best healthy restaurants I have been to, and no they did not pay me to write this, it’s my honest opinion. I say this because of the wide range of food they offer from snacks, wraps, salads and now hot food so there is something for everyone. I also love their ‘create your own’ concept as there is such a wide variety of ingredients it’s almost like your very own pick ’n’ mix lunch, perfect for someone like me who likes to eat a bit of everything in one meal. 
Let’s Dig In!
As mentioned, since I’ve never been to Vital Ingredients before I went ahead and we tried their salad as well as their hot food.
For the salad, we chose a mixed leaf salad with ham hock, sweetcorn, mixed beans, Emmental with ranch dressing. We also had the Sri Lankan Chicken with quinoa & buckwheat from their hot menu range. 

The salad was just perfect for me, exactly what I wanted as I got to picked the ingredients myself, but also the portion size was just right too. The hammock was delicious may I just add, along with the ranch sauce, I will definitely be ordering this combo again. 
Since now the weather has turned a little chilly the Sri Lankan chicken with quinoa definitely warmed me up and satisfied my belly. I am new to quinoa and was intrigued to try it so this was a great opportunity to do so. The Sri Lankan chicken was fragrant but not overpowering and was a great combo with the quinoa. I would absolutely recommend trying it out for yourself. 
It doesn’t stop there! We were also treated to a dessert and we were recommend their jellies. I was pleasantly surprised how flavourful the jelly was and would recommend you trying out the strawberry flavour which was my fave. 

Vital Ingredient is perfect for grab and go when you have a short lunch break, but also they have a vibrant and relaxing seating area downstairs too great for lunch with friends. 

Location: 10 Golden Square, London W1F 9JA
Find your nearest branch now:

Thank you Vital Ingredient for the super yummy lunch!

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