Hosting your own Easter Brunch

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hosting your own Easter brunch is easier than you think. It’s all about paying attention to details and being creative. This was a small brunch I create last year for my family which included some yummy treats and being playing with the dinning ware I already had at home. 

#1 Creative Cake Stands
Cake stands can be expensive and sometimes one style can’t fit for all events. So for Easter I used a plant pot I had laying around in my house, turned it over and popped a plate on top turning it into a temporary cake stand. You can also use a candle stick holder which I picked up from wilko in the sale for only £1! I placed a plate that was big enough to fit my cake on top and ta-da! You have a new cake stand.

#2 Special Touches
The small details can make a big difference to the whole look of a table set-up and these white picket fences is a great example. I used them around the plates of food to add more character to them and adding to the overall Easter theme. I found these cute mini fences in a local craft store in Hong Kong,  I knew it would come in handy one day so I bought them in advance. However you can find similar ones on eBay (like this one) or visit your local craft/ florist to see if they stock them too. 

#3 All Abut Balance
The saying less is more is also true with party styling. If you add to many decor on one table, it can feel crowded and overwhelming to the eye. Instead of trying get everything aspect of the table looking amazing, have a focal point. The cake is always a good start as what’s a party without cake? To balance my table out I propped the cake higher than other element on the table making it stand out. I also added some yellow honeycomb balls on the walls to balance the whole table out completely the whole look. 
Whatever you do to your setup just remember to have fun and be creative! 
Happy Party Planning! 

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