Thursday, March 03, 2016

Today I’m taking a break with Williamson Tea as they launch their new Purple Matcha and I’m excited to share it with you. 
Williamson Tea has kindly sent me these goodies to make my Purple Matcha and to taste it myself. Can I just take a moment to mention how beautiful the packaging of their tea caddies are? I am a sucker for great branding and packaging and Williams Tea has it on point, I would love to collect  all their elephant caddies as they are visually so beautiful. 

Getting to know Williamson Tea
What’s so special and unique about Williamson tea is that they have their own farms in Kenya. Their teas are naturally grown with no blending from different sources. There is also no increased carbon footprint transporting the teas from around the world, which I think it’s something we should all consider when supporting a product as it impacts our environment. I admire companies who are conscious about our environment and makes effort to create sustainable products which is what Williamson Tea are all about. To read more about what they do I would highly recommend exploring their website and their blog. Not only is it beautiful to look at but you get to explore the behind the scenes of the company. 

Purple Matcha time!
I already love green matcha (I am Asian after all) so hearing that Williamson Tea has launched their own Purple Matcha got me excited to taste it myself. They have combined their purple tea leaves with matcha creating the purple matcha tea. If you are already a fan of green matcha then I am sure you will also enjoy the purple matcha as well. The flavour is stronger and more powerful than green matcha, perfect if you’re looking for a richer taste. 

Making the tea the traditional way using a bowl and a bamboo whisk. 

I love relaxing with a cup of tea especially when I need a pick me up and the new purple is just perfect for that. It is light and flavourful and also prolongs energy which is why matcha tea is my go to if I need an energy boost rather than a cup of coffee which can be like a rollercoaster, with a crash and burn effect afterwards. 

Thank you Williamson Tea for my lovely Purple Matcha! 

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