Friday, June 17, 2016

I have to confess... I have been such a busy bee with work lately and other projects I’ve been working on that I’ve forgotten to create a Father’s Day DIY this year. I know, it’s bad! But hey, I didn’t forget to get my Dad a present which is the main part, in fact I got it a while ago. However I forgot to buy a card so you guessed it, I DIYed one and I thought I’ll share with you how I created my Father’s Day card.
And for you last minute peeps..well, you’re welcome cause you can make one too!
    1. Father’s Day Printout (click here for download)   2. Scalpel or Scissors    3. Washi Tape  
  4. White Thread   5. Needle 

1. Start by cutting out your card from the print out and fold in half.
2. For me, I like to poke two small holes on each of the letters of where I’m going to be threading beforehand. This will make threading your letters much easier and neater.
3. Cut out your letters and thread (approx. 14cm each). Thread up your letters like it’s bunting.
4. Tape your letter bunting onto the inside of the card.
Tip: Place your folded card standing up, then tape where you want your letter bunting to be. This will make it easier for you to tape both sides. Test your thread letters are tight when the card is opened. If it’s too loose than re-tape or re-position.
I hope you like this Father’s day DIY and I wish you all a Happy Father’s day weekend! 
Happy Crafting!

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