For the love of picnics

Friday, October 21, 2016

It may sound like I’m crazy talking about picnics when it’s almost the end of October and the weather is starting to get more than just “chilly”.
However, I have a love for picnics regardless of the season. Why?
Well, it all started with my first ever picnic with Mr as it was one of the first dates he had planned for us. He had put together a picnic basket with a blanket and an iPad where he thought we would watch a movie together sitting on top of Primrose Hill. Romantic right? 
Except when we got there it hit us that March in the U.K wasn’t exactly picnic weather. So instead of sitting on the wet grass, we sat on a park bench with the basket on our laps, cuddled together enjoying a cheese sandwich and home brewed coffee. *Have to add right here, at this point was where he discovered I didn’t actually like cheese.

The picnic was fine for a while but we didn’t stay long as the cold soon got to us. It was quite funny as passers by would comment “Oh that looks like a lovely lunch” or a lady did chuckle at us and said “Picnic in March?” 
Oh and I swear, David Walliams walked by and smiled at us as he was with his then wife and his newborn and little pooch! 

Even though we were freezing our butts off, we were too in Love to let it get to us. That’s why ever since then I have had a love for picnics. But now I’m the one who usually plans them all.

Since last year I did a post on an Autumn picnic DIY I thought I would share with you some other photos of Mr & I past picnics dates.  

Picnics are so simple and there’s something about sitting on the grass, or in my case benches and in the car, and sharing a lunch together in the outdoors. But why not create a picnic indoors this Autumn? With the fireplace on for those who are lucky enough to have one, drink hot chocolate and share some cosy memories. It all about a little creativity and a little romance.

Hope you’re having a lovely week,

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